We are currently experiencing higher than normal water levels in Northern Michigan which is resulting in basement flooding all over our region. Normally, the sand wicks away extra water but with the overabundance there is nowhere for all that water to go. How does all this extra water affect your home and more specifically your basement?


Basement Flooding


When water levels rise around your home with nowhere to drain, the moisture can seep into your basement. Water can enter through floor and wall joints, cracks, bulkheads, basement windows or sill plates. No matter where the water comes from, the damage can be huge. In a finished basement you can expect carpet and dry wall damage. The cost to replace flooring and drywall can be immense and time consuming. Persistent moisture can also result in microbial activity that requires remediation. In an unfinished basement moisture can seep into wood and cause significant damage and more microbial activity.


How Story Basement Technologies Can Help

Whether you have flooding issues now, or you want to avoid the problem before it happens, we can help. If you currently have water in your basement, we start with internal drainage to clear all the water. Next, we add a sump pump to keep water from accruing in the future. Our sump pumps will remove approximately 3,000-4,200 gallons per hour and will pump up to 1/2” solids. Our pumps also feature The SilencerÔ, which muffles the already quiet pump for nearly unnoticeable use in your home.

As water levels remain high, we strive to help as many home owners as possible with their basement flooding issues. If you have water in your basement or you want to prevent it from happening give us a call and set up your free evaluation!