We are experiencing high water table levels in Northern Michigan this year and that is resulting in a lot of flooding for home owners. One of the often-overlooked spaces in your home that can flood is the crawl space. Since it is not a room that you go into everyday home owners don’t usually realize there is water accumulating until there are obvious problems.


How Flooding Affects Your Crawlspace


Crawlspace moisture has a higher potential than basement flooding to damage your main home. The space is smaller and closer to the main living space. Crawl space moisture can result in microbial activity, rotting wood, rodents and insects in the crawl space and much more.


How Story Basement Technologies Can Help


Whether you have flooding or moisture issues now, or you want to avoid those problems before they happen, we can help. If you currently have water in your crawl space, we start with internal drainage to clear all the water and then add the sump pump. Drainage is an efficient way to control water coming through the foundation wall and to prevent moisture and condensation problems. When water enters your crawlspace, the sump pump begins to work and pumps the water out of the crawlspace through the discharge line.

After your crawlspace is cleared of water or if you have not experienced flooding yet, there are other methods we offer to protect against moisture. We can dehumidify and encapsulate the space. This process keeps the outside and damp air out.

As water levels remain.  high, we strive to help as many home owners as possible with their basement flooding issues. If you have water in your basement or you want to prevent it from happening give us a call and set up your free evaluation!